Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1/2 the Mass to 1/2 the Mess - Day 1 - Clothes

Ok, So I went through millions (or so it seemed) of clothes yesterday, I had to go through Alissa's, Anthony's, & My clothes, and set Eric's aside so that he can go through those. I didn't finish completely but I had to go to bed, so I wanted to at least post what I've done so far and what I will do today.

I started in the closet:

I still have a few things in there to get rid of in there, but I need help from my fashion consultant (Eric)

Next I went through my dresser:

Cupboard - BeforeCupboard - After

I know that it looks bare in there now, but most of the clothes that I prefer to wear are in the dirty clothes pile. Which is what I did next, I gathered all the dirty clothes and sorted those only putting back the clothes that I want to keep.

My Beginning Pile:My Giving Away Pile:
Dirty Clothes PileDirty Clothes Pile - Giving Away
Next I went into Alissa's Room and went through and organized her clothes, I did this about a month ago, so there wasn't a lot to get rid of.

Alissa's Drawer - BeforeAlissa's Drawer - After
I then went through all of Anthony's clothes and had to get rid of all of his 3-6 months clothes because he's grown out of them.

His Clothes organized:Clothes going to storage:
Anthony's Clothes - I'm keepingAnthony's Getting rid of Clothes

I didn't finish going through our linens, and these are the clothes that I still need to go through:
Still need to go through

Here are Eric's clothes that he needs to go through:
Eric's Pile

The Clothes I'm giving away:
Giving away

And Finally, Alissa and Anthony keeping busy while I sort clothes. I later found Alissa dumping all of our Chocolate milk mix on the floor, luckily Eric walked through the door a minute later and cleaned up the mess.
Alissa and Anthony keeping busy


Briana "Symmie" Simmons said...

congrats girl! You are doing great!!! Keep up the good work. It looks fabulous.

Helpful hint, throw the bag of give away in your trunk so when you are out and able you can just swing by the thrift store and drop it off.

Nicole M said...

wow look at you go missy!!! Keep it up. You got so much done, good for you!!!