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Advent Calendar Day 2

Today we changed our calendar to 23, and added stockings which I found at michaels, in the scrapbooking section. They were originally stickers, I just took the backing off. Later we will put things in the stockings. I also used hooks for hook and eyes for the stockings.

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Advent Calendar Day 1

I have to put all of my crafty projects on my blog instead of facebook, because I don't want the whole world knowing that I'm a nerd, :) hehe. Anyways, here is a project that I started last christmas and am going to finish it this year, unless I go into labor before that happens. This is our advent calendar. I sewed all of these pieces on a piece of white felt on my sewing machine, I was able to add the train tracks on the rug using a stitch on my machine. Each day we are going to add something new to the picture and count down on the calendar. Today we added the christmas lights. I used hooks from hooks and eyes that I bought from michael's to string the lights on. I just hand stitched them on the sides of the tree, so you can take the lights off and on.