Wednesday, September 23, 2009 3 comments

30 Day Cleaning Challenge - Day 3

Cleaned for: 15 min

Living Cleaner Rule of the Day: Rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher!!! This should be a no brainer...

Normally I wouldn't have done any cleaning today. I spent the day at my moms house and was not in the mood to clean this morning, I got up late today and was tired and just in a poor mood. So I left the house and figured I would worry about cleaning later. So when I got home tonight, I knew that if I didn't clean tonight, I would have to tell you all about it and give you a poor excuse for not doing it. This motivated me to do at least 15 min of cleaning. But once I got started I was able to clean for a longer amount of time. I even enjoyed it... Tonight I picked up a little in my bedroom and then went to the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher, loaded it, forgot to start it :) better go do that now. And then decided to clean my stove because I just got a new stove cleaner and stove scrubbers. I have an electric stove, which I didn't know how to clean, so I've just been wiping them down and over this past year, it's gotten food and grease just burnt onto, so it will take a while to get all that off. But the cleaner seemed to work okay, if anybody has any experience with this.. please let me know.

My Stove, after I cleaned it....
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 1 comments

30 Day Cleaning Challenge - Day 2

Cleaned for: 15 min

Living Cleaner rule of the day: Take Care of Paperwork as it's brought into the house. If I need to keep a coupon for some reason, I should either stick it in my file cabinet or purse. I also have tons of Papers that I carry around with me: Menu's, Calendars, Craft instructions, etc. I need to either stick them in the file cabinet or hole punch them and stick them in a notebook.

So, I only cleaned for 15 min today, and I focused on the area that you were going to see in the picture. :) How's that for motivation...hehe... It still looks messy to me, but it's livable, and that is important. See you all tomorrow... 2 days down, 28 more to go....

I love bright spring colors!!

I know it's fall, and I'm starting to enjoy fall more, but I love spring!! I love bright cheerful colors, they just make me happy. I saw this couch today at PB Teen, not even sure how I ended up there, but I love it!!! I Don't like the yellow walls, but I love the pretty blue couch. I then went to look at the rugs, because I would love to have a rug for my hard wood floors, so Anthony can enjoy tummy time in my living room. Take a look at these, I like almost all of them. Tell me which one you like the best: Pottery Barn Teen Rugs

Monday, September 21, 2009 2 comments

Aren't sleeping babies adorable?

I love taking pictures of Anthony sleeping, but it doesn't do justice to how cute they are when they are sleeping. I just love his chunky cheeks, his chubby rolls, the way his is sprawled out, and the sound of his breathing/snoring.

And in case anybody was wondering, don't try washing your baby with bubble bath, it will drip down his head and leave red marks. He didn't mind, but we felt really bad looking at the red streaks he had on his face. I guess bubble bath is not the same as baby wash... who knew...

My Handmade Diaper Bag

Here is my diaper bag, I used a how to make your own diaper bag pattern that I found online. I had to do some calculations... and I also got some tips from: sewchristine. I used batting in between the outer layer and the liner, but if I did it again, I'd probably use interfacing to make it stiffer. I also forgot to sew the straps while I was sewing the layers together, so I had to do those afterwards (as you can see in the bottom picture)

Here is the inside of the bag, I made a pocket for my IPhone, keys, and a bottle or sippy cup. You can barely see that pocket on the right side of the bag. I put that on the inside, so that it wouldn't look like a diaper bag, but more like a purse. Pretty cool, huh? I really enjoyed making this and was able to do it in about 3 evenings...

30 Day Cleaning Challenge - Day 1

Cleaned for: 45 min

Living Cleaner rule of the day: Clean off the entire table before each meal (and that doesn't mean move the items to another counter)

I didn't clean for as long as I felt like I should've, but I did spend time picking up. I completed the bathroom and the hallway and made progress in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Here is my messy living room at the end of the day. Hopefully I'll be able to show you a much cleaner living room tomorrow. I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle because Alissa wouldn't let me put away any of her toys. She would gasp in shock anytime I tried to put her purses in her toy drawer.

These are the toys that she's been playing with and leaving all over the place.

30 day Cleaning Challenge

Ok, so I'm going to start my cleaning challenge today. My house isn't quite spotless, but if I clean daily, it will get cleaner everyday. Each day I will post a new cleaning rule and tell you a little about my cleaning adventures. I was going to post pictures about my cleaning out stuff first, but my camera died, so I have to recharge the battery before I can put the pictures on my computer, so you'll have to wait for that. Here I go for Day 1 - as soon as I'm finished I will write the post for Day 1
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 2 comments

Just an update - more coming soon

So, you may think I've dropped the ball and am hiding out now, but I didn't I'm just trying to get on a better schedule and haven't found a good time to blog. I finished going through my clothes, Alissa's toys, and Dishes. I have pictures that I will post, I promise :) My house is looking good, I've been working on getting it clean and organized. We've decided to hire a maid to do the heavy cleaning so I don't have to worry about it for a while and that will help me to keep the house clean. If somebody knows of a good, but also cheap house cleaner or cleaning service, please let me know. I still have some stuff to go through, but wanted to get the house clean first and then go through all the random areas that need to be organized. Here is a list to get me started:

Closet bookshelf - getting rid of 1/2
Linen/Game closet - getting rid of 1/2
Laundry Room - just cleaning and organizing
Food - just cleaning and organizing
Paperwork - getting rid of 1/2
Desk - just cleaning and organizing

That's all I can think of so far, I'll probably do more later. I'm going to start my 30 day cleaning challenge on Monday. I should be able to get everything cleaned and ready by then.
Thursday, September 10, 2009 3 comments

1/2 the Mass to 1/2 the Mess - Day 2 - Toys

So today I had the pleasure of going through all of Alissa's toys. She is a very generous girl and was willing to give a lot of her toys away, if she was going to give them to Alexis, her little cousin. I hope Alexis wants toys, because we have plenty for her. I'm falling a little behind and was not able to finish the toys or the clothes today, but I will not have a car tomorrow, so unless somebody comes and rescues me, I will be home all day and will be able to finish going through and organizing clothes, toys, and the complete my next section: dishes. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of my finished work.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 2 comments

1/2 the Mass to 1/2 the Mess - Day 1 - Clothes

Ok, So I went through millions (or so it seemed) of clothes yesterday, I had to go through Alissa's, Anthony's, & My clothes, and set Eric's aside so that he can go through those. I didn't finish completely but I had to go to bed, so I wanted to at least post what I've done so far and what I will do today.

I started in the closet:

I still have a few things in there to get rid of in there, but I need help from my fashion consultant (Eric)

Next I went through my dresser:

Cupboard - BeforeCupboard - After

I know that it looks bare in there now, but most of the clothes that I prefer to wear are in the dirty clothes pile. Which is what I did next, I gathered all the dirty clothes and sorted those only putting back the clothes that I want to keep.

My Beginning Pile:My Giving Away Pile:
Dirty Clothes PileDirty Clothes Pile - Giving Away
Next I went into Alissa's Room and went through and organized her clothes, I did this about a month ago, so there wasn't a lot to get rid of.

Alissa's Drawer - BeforeAlissa's Drawer - After
I then went through all of Anthony's clothes and had to get rid of all of his 3-6 months clothes because he's grown out of them.

His Clothes organized:Clothes going to storage:
Anthony's Clothes - I'm keepingAnthony's Getting rid of Clothes

I didn't finish going through our linens, and these are the clothes that I still need to go through:
Still need to go through

Here are Eric's clothes that he needs to go through:
Eric's Pile

The Clothes I'm giving away:
Giving away

And Finally, Alissa and Anthony keeping busy while I sort clothes. I later found Alissa dumping all of our Chocolate milk mix on the floor, luckily Eric walked through the door a minute later and cleaned up the mess.
Alissa and Anthony keeping busy
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 3 comments

Clean House Challenge

Ok, I'm going to start a new challenge, and am going to need you to keep me accountable. I'm going to start out with:

1/2 the Mass to 1/2 the Mess Challenge - I'm going to get rid of 1/2 of our:
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Dishes
  • Garage
  • Random Areas, such as paperwork, books, etc...
I'm going to take one day for each area, so by saturday I will be done with this part of the challenge. The goal of this is to get rid of stuff, so it will be easier to keep the house clean. Then I will take 1 or 2 days to get the house completely clean.

Next part of the challenge will be to start a habit. It takes 30 days to create or break a habit, so I will take 30 days to create a habit of picking up the house daily at the same time. This is the part I struggle with, so every day I will blog about it and also create a new rule for living cleaner, such as put trash straight into the trash can.

After I complete the challenge I'm going to decorate my house, that will be my reward for living cleaner.
Tuesday, September 1, 2009 3 comments

Felt Food - My Newest Hobby

I've started a new hobby, that I really enjoy! I'm making Felt Food Toys. I know Alissa will love them and they are cute and easy to make and the supplies are cheap!! This is my first try, It was fun, I did these ones by hand using the blanket stitch, which I just learned and have gotten much better at. Next I'm going to make a donut using my sewing machine, It will go much quicker, but I like the way the blanket stitch looks, so we'll see how it looks on the sewing machine.