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14 Days of Love - Day 5 - Honeymoon

Honeymoon... We had the best honeymoon ever! Our honeymoon was 2 weeks long, we first spent a week in snowbird, ut, in a timeshare provided by his parents. We got to hang out in the mountains, relax in our room, play shuffleboard. We made breakfast together, and ate at a nice restaurant. It was just what we needed to recover from our wedding. We then went home, opened our gifts from our wedding and then went on a cruise in the Caribbean. We visited st. Lucia, st martin, st. thomas, barbados, & somewhere else :). The beaches were beautiful, the water was crystal clear, sand was soft and white. The weather was perfect, the dinners on the ship were delicious. I had bought new dresses, and received some as gifts from my wedding party, to wear on my honeymoon, so I got to dress up in those. It was the best. I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

Things I love about him: He's handsome (have I said that yet :) ) , adventurous, fun, & loves to make me happy :)

14 Days of Love - Day 4 - The Perfect Wedding

The Perfect Wedding... Eric was the perfect groom. He didn't have many opinions about our wedding and let me have full reign on most things, but when I needed a decision made, he would make it for me. Preparing for my wedding was so much fun, my family and best friends were soo excited and made the event wonderful. The morning of my wedding, I was soo excited, I couldn't contain myself. I didn't get much sleep the night before, but it didn't slow me down. I went and got my hair done, it looked beautiful, I had told Eric that I was going to have it all up, which he didn't really like, but surprised him by having it only half up, with curls down my back. I had a tiara with a veil in the back, and the most beautiful wedding dress, that fit me just right. I did my own make up, so that it would look light and natural, I didn't want to look like someone else on my wedding day. I felt absolutely beautiful. Our wedding colors were silver and bubble gum pink, I had white & pink daisies everywhere. Everything was perfect, especially the handsome groom :)  

Things I love about him: He's handsome & easy going
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14 Days of Love - Day 3 - Engagement

I'm sorry for the delay, life has gotten the best of me :( But I am turning it around now :)

Engagement... Eric's proposal, was a bit of a surprise, it wasn't a total shock, I was suspecting it, but I've always been a dreamer, so I figured I was wrong. It was Christmas morning, Eric wasn't able to go to utah for Christmas, because he was working at Costco and couldn't get time off. He was lucky that he had Christmas off. He came to our house on christmas morning, bearing gifts, which he placed under the tree. We waited for my sister and her family to come over and then began opening gifts. At one point, I was handed a gift, I opened it to find a brown box, inside the box in packing paper was a rock that was being held together with a rubber band, I took the rubber band off and out came a plastic green ring. Eric took the ring, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him, my family was standing by in shock. I said YES!! He gave me a kiss and I sat back stunned. I was so excited to be getting married!! The next few months were fun, but painfully long. Eric was super excited and soo much fun to be around during this time. The fact that he was committed to me changed his view of our relationship and it was a welcomed change. 

Things I love about him: He's Family oriented, He likes to make me happy
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14 Days of Love - Day 2 - Dating

Dating... Some of my favorite dating memories are sitting in the quad at fullerton college, just hanging out in between classes. In the very beginning, I would find a spot in the library that I knew Eric would pass , just so that I could spend a few minutes with him. Sometimes I wouldn't even need to be at school anymore, but I would hang around just to see him. As we started to spend more time together, we would often hang out with nothing to do in between classes just basking in the warmth of the sun, talking about silly things that often weren't interesting to me, but I would pretend to be interested and just enjoy hearing him talk. We had a lot of special places at the school where we would hang out together or we would go for a walk and eat lunch at the taco bell nearby. I don't think he realized at the time, that he was winning my heart over, by taking me to my favorite fast food restaurant. One of my favorite times was when Eric was on the water polo team at fullerton college, I attended every game. I was so proud of his strength and agression in the game. It was just so much fun sitting in the bleachers and watching him play. I also enjoyed working in youth ministry together, the youth didn't know we were dating, but it was fun to see the way he worked with the youth and cared so much about them. It was during this time that I learned how much people are drawn to Eric. How comfortable they are around him and how he can always make an awkward or stressful room of people burst out laughing. He may not be a class clown, but he's great for a good laugh when it's most needed.

Things I love about him: He's laid back, dedicated to what he does, he's manly, friendly, & funny

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14 Days of Love - Day 1 - When we first met

Inspired by my friend, Nicole Milkie over at Olive Blue, I've decided to do a series called, 14 days of love, dedicated to my husband. I plan on sharing the reasons why I love my husband, along with little tidbits of our life together. 

When We First Met... I didn't like Eric, it wasn't love at first sight. I told my friends they should stay away :) I soon found out that I was wrong, one of many times Eric would make me realize this. My mother's first impression was that he was a very nice boy, and she really liked him, the same impression my best friend had. I just wasn't interested. We saw each other regularly at a friends house where we would hang out around each other, but not with each other. The first time I talked to him was on my brother's birthday, we along with other friends got dressed up, prom style, and went out for birthdays (our 1st official night on the town). Over the months, I got used to seeing him around, and when he left to visit his family for the holidays, I noticed his absence. I missed the company at the game nights, and began to wonder why. When he came back, I talked to him briefly, and was happy to see him. This was the beginning of our love. 

Things I love about him: He's great company