Thursday, June 18, 2009 3 comments

Anthony's Smiling

Anthony started smiling about 2 weeks ago. Isn't he cute? I decided to go off of dairy, per my sisters advice, so that maybe Anthony won't be so fussy. It seems to have helped a lot. He's been happier and awake more. He's starting to be interested in toys too. He just stares at his mobile on his swing and will smile and laugh at it.

Here is alissa sleeping with a cat at my friend Michelle's house. She love's nando and tshelle. They really like kids too, so we like to hang out with them. We were at their house for a bbq. Alissa is great when we go to parties. She just charms everybody there. She really likes our friends and will talk about them at home.

Coming back from my trip has been hard, I have a lot of stuff to do, but the trip has thrown me off my groove. I need to get back on track. I'm trying to start with getting the house picked up, but it is the thing that I dislike the most. The day that they invent a robot that can pick stuff up and know where it goes, I will be a happy girl. Never again will I have to waste time picking up, I can just go out and enjoy my life.