Sunday, May 9, 2010 1 comments

Mother Day!!

This felt like my first mother's day, because Alissa is now old enough to understand. Earlier this week Alissa watched a Go Deigo Go! about mother's day, and since then she had plans to go with Daddy to pick out a present for me for mother's day. So on Saturday Alissa went to her dance class and then to the store for my presents. This morning when she woke up she was soo excited. The first thing she said was, "Daddy, it's mother's day?". Eric told her it was and she said, "Come on, Let's go wrap presents!". So Eric and Alissa went and wrapped my presents and then when they were done she came and told me to come and open my presents. She was so cute as she watched me open each present and asked me if I liked them. I got a robe (which I asked for), a box of Super Mario Brother's Gummies, and a Cleaning brush that looks like a lady. She picked out the last two gifts herself. I also got a cute Happy Mother's day followed by a hug and kiss. The whole day she was sweet, giving me hugs and telling me she loved me. It was really special!