Thursday, March 24, 2011 1 comments

Embracing Joy

As I sit here, each child sleeping, my prayer is for life, that I would learn to live it to the fullest. To embrace every moment, to be a parent that watches the little ones sleeping, in amazement at what God has made. I want to be a mother that always stops to cherish and hold my little ones. I want to be a mother that disciplines in the way that I should so that I can enable my children to be who God wants them to be. I don't want my mistakes to live on through them.

I scurry about, trying to do the things that make a household run, but just end up fumbling everything. The house is often messy, laundry is often dirty, dishes are often piled up, and the kids run wild. I'm learning to balance all these things, but there's always something to get in the way. I finally get things running smoothly and we all get sick or go to see family or have babies :). And then I start back at square one. But the days that I start right, on my knees before the Lord. I find victory. The house still isn't perfect, but improving, the kids still run wild, but feel loved. This is what I want. For God to be able to look down on my household and say, "It is good". That I'm focused on the things that matter.