Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Ready for School - Part 3

Today, I'm showing you how I plan on organizing my school journey. I would love to have a cool notebook full of sheets, calendars, to do lists, etc.. But I can never get that far, so I only have a few things to show you. I started out figuring out how much I need to do each subject and making a check off list for that. Here it is. Next I've made a schedule, this is a very rough draft. I'm not going to stick to a strict schedule, this will just give me direction. Some things don't need to be done everyday, such as the Animal Study or the Five in a Row, but I'll leave the option there, so that it does get done somedays :)

Next, I've taken five folders and marked them Monday through Friday. These folders will hold the worksheets that we'll be doing for the day. It will include Math, Writing, sometimes Spanish, and any other sheets needed for the day.  I also have three for anthony, I'll be putting color & shape worksheets in there along with coloring pages or any others worksheets I have for him.

I will then have the following weeks worksheets in these file folders. At the beginning of the week I'll have everything set, so I can pull out a folder and know what we are doing for the day.
I also have folders for each subject, so if I find a worksheet or something interesting in that subject, I can place it in the folder.

Here are our school boxes, and Alissa excited to start school  

And a few more things that arrived, the science kit looks way cute, I'll be buying another one of these for Anthony.


TessBenson said...

AHHHH AGAIN thanks so much for posting this! amazing, its helping so much, and is so easy.