Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Ready for School - Part 1

Look what arrived in the mail!!! It's time to prep for school, I've received boxes of stuff that I found on I'm so excited to share with you what I'll be doing with Alissa this school year. 
 Here it all is out of the box, doesn't that look soo fun!

These are for Anthony. I'll be using them to keep him busy. We've already opened the lace-a-shape and Fanta Color Junior, and they work great. The kids both love them and Anthony especially loves the Fanta Color Junior. He completes the puzzles perfectly. 

The Colorback Sea-Turtle and PeekaBoo Animals puzzles are also to keep Anthony busy. The Camelot Jr. is for Alissa. You're given pictures and blocks, you have to build what you see in the picture. I'm looking forward to doing this one with her.

These are for Alissa. We have Bloco, these are like foam puzzles, Colorful Caterpillars, this is a game where you roll a dice and then lace a caterpillar. We'll be using the abc cookies to leverage our reading and writing. Crocodile Hop is an active game for the kids to play together.

Here we have Starter Spanish, for Alissa. She's super excited to learn spanish. What your preschooler needs to know is a book of stories, songs, rhymes, and some science and history too. Both of the kids will enjoy this along with the Wii Fit for kids.

Next, I'll show you the actual curriculum we'll be doing this year. This stuff is mostly just to supplement and help keep their hands and minds busy.